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Data Center

All information center styles area unit judged by their ability to produce continuous operations for the network services they support. Once construction of the info center is complete, SQUARE QUBE SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD.

Web Hosting

All data center designs are judged by their ability to provide continuous operations for the network services they support. When construction of the data center is complete...


Power Quality Audit Services.
We offer Specialized Power Quality Audit & Investigation Services.
1. Input / Output Source Voltages
2. Frequency
3. Harmonics

Website Design

Modern web sites are getting increasingly complex and interactive; we can provide Web application development for a broad spectrum of web related solutions. Our web development professionals put in factors like user friendly...

Software Development

Our core expertise is software development, whether it is a desktop based application or a browser based web application we provide software consultancy for all your business promotion and product promotion...

Mobile Application

Android Application development is basically an operating system developed for smartphones to make their functioning smooth and user-friendly. We work on Google Android Applications SDK platform platform(version 1.5 to 3.1)...